Joshua Denne- Building a Successful Thriving Team

Josh Denne has taken 20 years of lessons learned from the edge of entrepreneurship; and making and losing and re-making millions of dollars and put them all into a framework for success that is easy to implement and understand. It's proven beyond any shadow of any doubt to work for anyone who chooses to apply it.

Life and business are in a constant flux and often times the scales of balance can seem to be working against you even as you expend tremendous effort. It is time to tip those scales in your favor and this book will show you how.
Success is a journey and never a destination. It can be elusive. It can be overwhelming and sometimes underwhelming. It can be fleeting and it can be long-lasting. The true measure of a human being is not necessarily what they accumulate, achieve, or accomplish but rather who they become and maintain being throughout the highs and lows of their journey.

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Josh embodies success with a positive attitude in all things, even when times are down. He attributes this practice to starting young with a deep desire in fife to want success. Life and success are not about material happiness, but about the spirit. A great mentor taught him that his past didn't have to equal his future. With the absolute conviction of how important a mentor was and is in his life. They were able to provide a solid foundation for which Josh was able to build on, get knocked down, and rise again.

To ensure success, you need to change 4 important things in your daily life.

  1. See- Don't spend your time watching things that are not going to benefit you. This means mindless TV and social media.
  2. Hear- Change what you are listening to. Spend your time listening to books and podcasts that enhance your life, not waste your time.
  3. Reading- Change what you read. If you dont read, start. All successful people read to improve themselves.
  4. Associations- Most important of the changes. You are the average of the 5 people you associate with most. Successful people have successful habits. Its important to understand, you cant change the people around you, but you can change the people who are around.

Team Building & Recruiting

Its simple, its sharing, its making a friend. Everyone who is recruiting are looking for "the one". The one person who is going to come on board their team and exsplode, be a mad-man, help you skyrocket to the top. What you are really asking for is someone to do it for you; to do the things necessary to be successful. Be the one who leads from the front and does the work, be the success you are looking to find.

In order to be successful at building a team that will prosper, you must learn to believe in everyone, but count on no one (except yourself). Its important to actively engage in the following 3 practices:

  1. Massive communication- communicate as often as you can, with as many people as you can. Send that extra note for no reason, remember someones birthday with a card, foster relationships with people outside of your circle. When you meet people, ask questions and be interested in their friends and circles of influence. This practice allows the person to help you out and do introductions. Be sure to add value to the new relationship.
  2. Be consistent. Do what you say when you say you will. Plain and simple, say what you mean, and mean what you say.
  3. Don't be negative. Strive to be the #1 most positive influencer. Positivity is contagious and will grow exponentially in the right environment.

Josh Denne had every reason to blame the world for his misfortunes and settle into a life of average, but because of his positive attitude and relentless drive, he was able to turn his misfourtune into millions of dollars and a lifetime of helping others to achieve the success. His overall message, "Work hard, its worth it".

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  1. This was wonderful and informative. Love the insight of the three steps of recruiting. This format is so helpful- being able to hear the audio and read a summarization. Thank you so much for bringing this interview forward for our team! I liked his humility regarding driving the minivan-even after he was beginning in $125,000 a month. He was about achieving his best, his purpose for his life, not to impress others but to fulfill his life’s calling.

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