About Us

Brad and Matt Smith are identical twin brothers who have been entrepreneurs their whole lives.  After, building a successful mattress business for 10 years, they were forced to shut the doors in 2012 with almost $300,000 in debt.  In 2013, they started an insurance agency with Symmetry Financial Group.  By studying how successful people think and following in their footsteps, they managed to completely pay off their debt within 18 months.  Within 5 years, they had created a passive 6-figure monthly income.  Now, they are focusing on helping others achieve the same success by teaching the leadership principles they were taught that drastically changed their lives.

Our Approach

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Our Mission

Our mission is to equip and inspire leaders to become the best that they can be by feeding them knowledge and wisdom from other leaders.  We have found that the laws of success are universal, whether your a top level CEO or a top level athlete, we can learn from them all.

Meet the Team

Brad and Matt Smith started their insurance agency in 2013 and have grown it at record speed, currently doing millions of dollars per month in sales with hundreds of high quality sales professionals.  They started a weekly internal leadership call shortly after they started their agency that highlighted the secrets to success within their company and industry. In 2018, they decided to start interviewing high level leaders in all types of industries and open it up to all leaders that want to listen and learn from the best.  That's how The Experts Podcast was born and here are the people at the behind it.

Brad Smith

Associate Partner | Advisory Board Member

Matt Smith

Associate Partner | Advisory Board Member

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